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Let Your Light Shine


Do you ever feel like you are out of sync with everyone around you?
I do. Sometimes more than others. But more often than not, I feel a certain level of isolation that comes from not quite fitting in with the crowd.

But here’s the conundrum. I don’t really want to fit in with the crowd. I am not now, nor have I ever in my life, been pulled by the prevailing winds, nor motivated by what others thought of me, especially when it involves things that are out¬†of alignment with my interests and values. And yet, not fitting in brings with it a vague, pervasive feeling of disconnection that can be unsettling.

As an artist and a writer, I came to a realization early in my life that the very powers that kept me from going along with everyone else were the powers that brought the clarity of vision and the courage to create in a way that was bold enough to be called art. Those are the powers that have molded my life, my work and my character.

This field of bluebonnets is breathtaking. The weathered rail fence is perfectly picturesque. This image would be beautiful with just those two elements.
But our eye is drawn to the bright, vivid Indian Paintbrush, effortlessly being its brilliant self, unintentionally uncommon in the middle of uniformity.
Be like that.
Your beauty is innate.
Let it shine.

Perspective Check


We humans tend to think of ourselves as being pretty awesome. Smart, compassionate and endlessly creative. But compared with Nature, the reality is, we are more like cocky teenagers than the sages we consider ourselves to be. As individuals we don’t live long enough to experience a truly expanded perspective on the world nor witness the long term consequences of our own actions. Therefore, we never get a chance to really learn from the shortsightedness which becomes our mistakes. And with the youthful conceit of teenagers, when we see the horrors that previous generations have wrought, we think we would never do anything so stupid or terrible.

The fact is, we are very small. We are small and we are temporary. Unconsciousness and the need for immediate gratification can cause a great deal of long term damage.
Tread lightly on the earth, and in each others lives.
You have more impact than you realize.