New Beginnings


Humans are meaning-seeking, meaning-creating creatures. Some of us are more “seekers” than others, to be sure, but all of us wonder at some point why things happened the way they did, if everything really does work out for the best, and what it all means, if anything.

Some things we manage to figure out and even understand. Other things remain a mystery forever.
Is it all good? No, not in my experience. Not by a long shot.
But maybe it is all valuable.
It is valuable if it deepens us. It is valuable if it expands us. It is valuable if it makes us more compassionate. It is valuable if it makes us wise.

Sometimes events in our lives are so difficult, even traumatizing, that it is extremely hard to find the value in them. But I believe it is worth trying. Otherwise, the bad guys win. And that’s just not ok.

So each year we give meaning to this day – January 1, the first day of a new year. It means fresh starts, new opportunities, and the chance to release the emotional and energetic grasp of events, circumstances and people who have caused us pain.
Today is the day to step out onto the pristine, unmolested, glistening powder of this new year, and move toward the Light.
Be brave.
Happy New Year, and may your courage be rewarded with Love.

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